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The content your teams collaborate on is vital to your business. Protect it from exposure, unauthorized access and loss with Vicinity 365.

Your collaboration data is thriving – let us help you manage and protect it.

Cloud collaboration tools, such as Microsoft 365, Dynamics 365, Google Workspace, and Salesforce are making it easier than ever to work remotely. However, as the cloud helps to increase productivity, security threats are also increasing. Managing security for your collaborative environments can be challenging, but it doesn’t have to be.


Transform your data, business processes, and employee experience.


Ensure business continuity and meet your compliance obligations.


Adopt a sustainable model for digital workplace management and operations.

Reduce the time, money, and effort required to provide secure collaboration to your teams with Vicinity 365. 

Track who can access your data

Keeping track of the proper security and permissions for each of your employees can be a challenging endeavor. We provide access monitoring and control services to help protect your data from breaches.

Backup and disaster recovery

Somemes the unthinkable happens, and when it does, we’re here for you. AvePoint Cloud Backup is our solution that provides encrypted backup and restoration for Microsoft 365, Salesforce, Google Workspace, and Dynamics 365 services and environments.

Deploy comprehensive coverage of content, permissions, and settings to ensure protection of your data against data loss or ransomware hacks.

Migrate with ease

Choosing to embark on a migration requires a strong plan. As you look to make the move to Microsoft 365 and consolidate existing data from on-premises sources such as Exchange or file shares, or other cloud hosted systems such as Box, DropBox, Slack, or GMail/GDrive, we are here to help make your move quick and seamless.

Our service powered by AvePoint’s Fly Migration allows you to launch a fast and secure migration of content from legacy, dark, and unsecure collaboration systems to a secured collaboration cloud.


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