Windows 8: A ‘bomb’ like Vista?

                                                                                                                                                                                                                        Windows 8: A ‘bomb’ like vista?

As each day passes, there are mixed feelings about the newly launched Windows 8. Some have termed it another bomb like Vista, others think there’s great advantage to its dual efficiency. And even others welcome it’s new technology, especially the server OS. Here’s what I have gathered from various reviews.

Though it might require some re-training to learn all the new features that have obscured the old trusted ones, Windows 8 is a combination of an OS for a desktop and a tablet OS. Windows 8 works best in an environment where the touchscreen is supported. Recommended for businesses looking to purchase new hardware.

Though Microsoft hasn’t put much apps in it yet, the ones available are top of the rack (this might explain why they have not flooded it with apps yet! It’s worth the wait for the very best). Microsoft has created two interfaces on one OS. The Metro-style interface and the Desktop interface.  

Best Recommended Use: It can be put to best use as having two machines in one, if used on two-in-one convertible devices. For instance, when users are on the go, they can use its Metro interface as on a tablet (though you’d spend more time on apps), and when in the office or working from home, as a desktop (just like Windows 7).

Best Apps so far: Windows 8 has some features that will put it in the lead; for example businesses prefer Microsoft’s server products. With the new Windows Server 8 (which is getting great reviews), the SQL Server database, the instant messaging server Lync, and the collaboration server SharePoint and so on; Microsoft Server 8 OS have a great deal of value to offer. Not to mention FAST startup time Check out the best of Windows 8 apps from popular reviews.

Windows 8 sporst app

Windows 8 sports app

News: This is a customizable news reader similar to Flipboard. But unlike Flipboard, which draws its recommendations from your social networks, the News app figures out what’s trending by looking at Bing searches and social data from around the Web. You can also manually select favorite news sources to include, and select topics you’re interested in. The reader will automatically aggregate news about them. You can even take these new news read subjects and pin them to the Start menu, so you’ll have a continuously updated stream of news on your desktop.

Sports:  At first glance, the Sports app looks like just another news reader, focused on the single subject of sports. But dig in a little bit, and sports nuts will find all the information they could possibly want: schedules, standings (including last season’s ending standings), top players by statistics. Users can pick favorite teams and get customized versions of all these things, plus a full roster, team stats, and so on.

Apps reviews from Business Insider. More screenshots at

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